Data driven to success


Are you planning projects in which big data, machine learning or data analytics technologies play a role in the future? Then cloud computing is exactly the right application software for you.
By dynamically adapting your cloud infrastructure, you will always benefit from an optimal cost-benefit ratio. If necessary, our cloud service department ensures that the upgrade or the reservation of resources is carried out.

Data management in the cloud simplifies integration processes from various data sources. In addition, the internet-based infrastructure enables the seamless management of complex amounts of data to provide powerful real-time analyzes.
The cloud-based data management simplifies the integration of useful services such as CDN, DDoS protection, WAF and DevOps tools. Numerous cloud hosting providers are already making these services available to customers as a complete package.

Data & Analytics

Increasingly complex processes, steadily raising amounts of data and shorter product life cycles call for new methods of data storage to master the challenges of the digital world. Relational database systems, statistical and visualization programs, which were widely used in the past, can no longer adequately deal with such a large amount of data. Efficient types of data storage and analysis systems which are able to handle these amounts of information have to be used, to make Big Data work.

These systems can work effectively in up to hundreds, even thousands, of processes at the same time; an example for this are cognitive processes. One of the biggest challenges in the Big Data era is the managing of large amounts of data. Not only holistic data sets are processed here, but also individual savings are set within the data. Furthermore, the import of large amounts of data often presents difficulties. In order to use all the advantages of the technology, the immediate query of imported data must be guaranteed to obtain the best possible insights. Combined with a short response time to queries, users can obtain insights and act even faster.

Big data enables companies to analyze and process various types of information at the same time.


What does DevOps mean for teams?

DevOps enables previously separate roles such as development, IT operations, quality engineering and security to coordinate so that they work together to offer better and more reliable products. By adopting the DevOps culture with DevOps methodologies and tools, teams can better respond to customer demands, increase confidence in their own applications, and achieve business goals faster.

Agile software development acts as a link to the operation of the IT infrastructures of your data center.
In constant cooperation with your developers, our DevOps team optimizes and automates the deployment pipeline, from the initial unit test, through the integration test, to the final deployment of the solution. DevOps enables IT infrastructure and resources to be recorded as code (IaC), so all processes and configurations can be displayed and documented.

Software Development

Microservices are architectural concepts that fall under the application development. These microservices break down apps in their core functions in a unique way, which clearly differentiates them from conventional, monolithic approaches. Every single function and service can be developed and implemented individually. This means that individual services can function without influencing other services in any way.

The distributed development of software solutions can create new opportunities for your teams and their routines. Thus, some microservices can be developed simultaneously. As a result, more developers can concurrently work on the programming of an app, therefore the development time of an app is significantly reduced.

Trainings & Workshops

Thanks to many years of project experience in the areas of innovation, transformation, digitization and continuous training, our experts have acquired highly specialized knowledge in many categories.
At Teclify, the sharing of knowledge represents a great value in our company. Our workshops offer the opportunity to simplify company processes and optimize your IT solutions.

Cloud Basics
4 Days
Application Containerization
4 Days
Event streaming with Apache Kafka
2 Days
Infrastructure as Code
1-2 Days
Scrum Basics
1 Day